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Black Sesame Taho

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Experience Taho with a new distinct flavor. Introducing our Black Sesame Taho, this Taho kit packs a unique flavor that creates a balanced taste of the roasted, nutty flavor of Black Sesame and the sweetness of Wintermelon.

Our Black Sesame Taho is made from extracted premium grade black sesame seeds enriched with vitamins and minerals that are good for the bones and heart and also are a good source of antioxidants. For something healthy and tasty, this is the newest take on our favorite traditional snack people can enjoy!

Soy Bueno Taho Kit includes:

  • 1L/2L tub of Black Sesame Taho
  • 250ml tub of Arnibal / Wintermelon
  • 250g tub of sago

*1 Liter serves 4 people
*2 Liters serves 8 people

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Annie Tenefrancia

Strawberry sauce is too sweet. The Taho itself is good enough for 1 consumption but not for everyday intake.

Mel S.
Light and delicious

Just like the classic taho, the black sesame taho with wintermelon syrup is also delicious! The black sesame flavor is subtle and light. You are now my go-to for freshly-made, yummy taho.

Carmela Rayburn

Pleasantly surprised by the nutty taste of the taho plus the wintermelon arnibal - perfect match! Will surely order again!

Louie An Pilapil
Excellent product and service!

The transaction was smooth and the black sesame taho is pure genius. I love that it’s different but stays true to the taho we all love. Congratulations! Will order again!

Tanya Ma De Mesa
Nice nutty flavor

Very subtle sesame taste. The kundol syrup is less sweet than the usual