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Black Sesame Taho

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Experience Taho with a new distinct flavor. Introducing our Black Sesame Taho, this Taho kit packs a unique flavor that creates a balanced taste of the roasted, nutty flavor of Black Sesame and the sweetness of Wintermelon.

Our Black Sesame Taho is made from extracted premium grade black sesame seeds enriched with vitamins and minerals that are good for the bones and heart and also are a good source of antioxidants. For something healthy and tasty, this is the newest take on our favorite traditional snack people can enjoy!

Soy Bueno Taho Kit includes:

  • 1L/2L tub of Black Sesame Taho
  • 250ml tub of Arnibal / Wintermelon
  • 250g tub of sago

*1 Liter serves 4 people
*2 Liters serves 8 people

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mashed 2L of soy

I received our 2L of taho ALL mashed up admixed with water and crumpled paper.

I informed the seller complete with pictures and they assured me that they sent it out in good condition, admitting that it was part of a group delivery (I paid 160 for delivery thru their website).

I was a regular customer but all I got from them was a “pasensya na po” and that they’ll make sure it won’t happen next time. I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll be taking that chance again.

That’s P370 down the drain. Poor service.

Melda Tan
Black sesame taho

Sorry but i prefer the plain taho

Sarah Sy
Refreshing healthy dessert

I love black sesame... I've tried it in ice cream and cakes and it's a wonderful surprise that it's now in taho. Very innovative and creative. 😀

Ng Shulan
Review on Black Sesame Taho

Taste isn't bad, there is a hint of black sesame which is good since you don't want it to be overpowering.


There’s a slight bitterness compared to traditional taho but we actually like it. It tastes so fresh and theres no aftertaste.